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Happy 4th birthday,  little sister! 😘😘😘
I get to hug a baby koala every single day. 😘😘😘
You will be flying to Melbourne with me in December and many more countries! 

The material is in good quality and the material is so soft!! Decided to buy it after seeing the discounted price!
Going to make full use of my 1 week of holiday by going out almost everyday!
What can I say? He is too cute for me not to kiss. 😘😘😘
Finally you are in Brisbane!! 🍬🍬🍬
Welcome back dresses, skirts & shorts because the weather is not that cold alr! 

What’s monday blue on a holiday? 😄
Happy Sunday. 🌸
My 1 week of holiday is here!! 💃💃💃

So glad that my 1 week of holiday is coming! Counting down to 20 September!
This is why I’m in love with this pair of pants! The design is so unique!
Been here for so long but it’s my first time eating in Little Singapore.  (at Little Singapore Resto, Albert St, Brisbane City)