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What can I say? He is too cute for me not to kiss. 😘😘😘
Finally you are in Brisbane!! 🍬🍬🍬
Welcome back dresses, skirts & shorts because the weather is not that cold alr! 

What’s monday blue on a holiday? 😄
Happy Sunday. 🌸
My 1 week of holiday is here!! 💃💃💃

So glad that my 1 week of holiday is coming! Counting down to 20 September!
This is why I’m in love with this pair of pants! The design is so unique!
Been here for so long but it’s my first time eating in Little Singapore.  (at Little Singapore Resto, Albert St, Brisbane City)
Get a day off from college today, my hard work paid off! #ootd
Tagged by @its_xinhui , bored so decided to do this! 

20 facts about me. 

1. My name is supposed to be Priscilla, but my dad spelt it wrongly on my birth certificate, so yeap, it becomes Triscilla and I’m glad about it. :)
2. I’m short, 155cm.
3. My weight is always in between 40 to 44kg.
4. I have 3 younger siblings, I’m the oldest in the family. 
5. Officially migrated to Australia on 5 nov 2013. 
6. I spend more time on online shopping as I’m pretty lazy. 
7. I’m lazy, in fact. 
8. I love keeping my nails long because short nails make my fingers look short and fat. 
9. Love to cook but hate to wash dishes.
10. Love chocolates but I’m fussy over them too. 
11. In fall with real piglets, dislike the one in winnie the pooh.
12. Love to gaze at stars.
13. Fav movie since I was young till now - The Cinderella Story by Hilary Duff & Chad Michael Murray.
14. Love pepsi. 
15. Fussy eater here. 
16. Studying diploma of early childhood education & care, graduating this yr nov. 
17. Will be moving on to bachelor of education ( early childhood )
18. Want to open a child care centre in the future. 
19. Fav colour - purple. 
20. Fav flowers - purple and blue roses.
Some comfort desserts after a tiring day. 😢